Sample Essay

At other times the women may blame their fate on themselves. They must have entered the relationship due to love and such emotions persist in spite of the disaster they encounter, thus affecting the decision they make. They may feel that it is their faults that have brought such a disastrous consequence, and thus they feel guilty leaving their partner. Their partner may also keep promising never to do such a thing again. The women find themselves believing in such fake promises because they hope and want that to be true. They might be showered with gifts and other privileges, and their partner might then indulge in sex for making up with their women, making them feel that they are valued and loved. They keep giving another and yet another chance to their partner, thus allowing themselves to be abused over and over again.

In certain cultures there is the belief that men are the protector and provider of the family. If a woman leaves her man she is admitting failure and abandoning him, and going against the cultural values she has been taught. For instance the Catholics believe that divorce is not a good thing and should be avoided at any cost, whatever happens. Going against it would also bring upon her disrespect from the society. She would be talked about and so would her family, who would again be blaming her for the consequences, not caring what she had had to go through. Such a society usually turns a deaf ear to such matters as they feel that it is not their part to interfere. They would be concerned with societal issues such as robbery and animal cruelty, but in terms of domestic violence they would say that this is a private matter and must be resolved within the house.

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