Sample Essay

Charles Mills provided in ‘White Supremacy as Sociopolitical System’ that most of the writers for whiteness studies have not been able to provide or cite philosophical text for the discipline. He stated that especially in terms of analysis of the topic, writers have been reluctant to indulge in analyzing the social and historical aspects of whiteness in detail. As a result the work of the author focused on this point of view. He was able to provide the philosophical evidences for the issue. He mentioned that the best possible method of analyzing the issue is to use social and systematic terms and employ the contribution of philosophy in order to identify the historical ability of the issue to transgress boundaries.

The central argument that is provided by Mills for his work is that white supremacy should be taken as an independent theoretical object in order to compare the global social system as it exists today. He is more focused on the current situation of white supremacy instead of that in history. Wills provides support for his work by stating that philosophy has the capability to highlight and “challenge the everyday assumptions of normalcy, undermine the taken for granted and upend the conventional wisdom” (Mills, 2003, p1)

Undeniably due to the results of the history and the past events, the white population in the world enjoys a certain privilege and power of status and control over others. However in order to harmonize the society leading towards a modern culture and establishment the whites should use their privilege to fight against racism instead of causing more disparity.

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