Sample Essay

The opportunities that exist at Tesco Plc pertaining to the changes to the waste management program pertain to adoption of the waste management policies in all functions of the business. This would include installation and running of operational recycling units for plastic and paper at the retail shop sites which can be used by the staff as well as the customers to recycle their waste. This change would result in reducing the costs of waste management as well as reduce the generation of waste at the retail shops and sites for Tesco Plc.

Tesco Plc currently makes use of recycling units to manage the waste generated by the company and its operations. Aside from this the company is also in the process of RFID tags on its inventory to better manage the inventory in terms of its obsolesce and expiry, the delivery of the inventory to the retail outlets as well as in managing the waste of inventory caused by lost items and outdated perishable products.  The company has also started using an automated sorting system which provides the company with 99 percent accuracy at the Southampton DC facility. The system allows Tesco to operate without holding inventory or shelving it in its retail outlets.

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