Sample Essay

The main units of the business which interact with the waste management unit include the inventory management unit, the retail distribution unit, the packaging unit as well as the in store unit.

In order to be better able to manage its waste management issue, Tesco Plc can increase its investment in equipment and technology used for waste management. This includes technology akin to RFID which enables just in time inventory management for the company. Moreover the company should also seek to employ JIT based inventory management specifically for its food and perishable products as they largely contribute to the waste generated by the company. Aside from this the lean provision and supply chain system at Tesco can be replicated for lean production for the packaging division and lean operations for the company. Additionally Tesco can also increase its focus of selling through the internet medium from an online portal. This would dramatically reduce the costs of operations as well as the costs of inventory management. The waste generated by the company would also be reduces to though the shorter operational cycle for the company.

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