Sample Essay

The objectives for waste management that are set by the company pertain to reducing waste in all its units if operations and providing facilities for recycling at all sources of waste generation in order to reduce waste generation at its source. The company is also seeking to install recycling units in its retail stores for the customers, so that the waste generated by customers in the retail stores can be dramatically increased.

The main success factors that influence the success of the waste management program pertain to clearly outlined program for waste management which is communicated to all functional units and levels of the management. The adoption of lean operations has to become the policy of the company. Aside from this communication amongst the different departments as well as proactive investment in new resources and technologies available provide for the success of the waste management program.

The performance measures which are used to determine the operational performance of the waste management unit include the percentage of waste processed at the recycling units per month and per year and the increase in the profitability as a result of waste management activities. Other performance measures include the percentage reduction in costs of managing waste as well as the decreasing inventory management and storage costs.

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