Sample Essay

The Walt Disney Company has been employing diversification strategies in the past couple of decades in its businesses which have led the company into being a successful entertainment giant in the various industries it operates in. The company uses the element of business synergy in all of its diversified business segments which leads to integrated development of the business segments while contributing to the objective of the company relating to maximizing earnings and cash flows for the company. However the corporate strategy of the company can be strengthened by increasing capital investment in the various business segments of the company particular to the expansion of the business segments into the international market. The Asian, Indian and the European regions provide a mass market for the company which can be targeted by the company for its different business segments. One such venture by the company pertains to the Disney Land Park in Hong Kong, which is strategically placed for the regional market in Asia, however the management of the venture needs to be localized and improved in order to turn the current weakness of the company into a strength which can derive business for the company in the region.

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