Sample Essay

The Parks and Resorts business segment of the Walt Disney Company is one of the most famous and renowned product offering of the company. The strategy of this segment is to provide customized and regionalized channels of entertainment to customers while launching new lines of business as well The Disney Land theme parks and amusement parks established by the company in the US, Japan, France as well as Hong Kong drive significant revenue for the company while internationalizing the Walt Disney Company and brand name. The vacation club and Cruise Line businesses are newly formed extensions of the Parks and Resorts business segments.


The Disney consumer products segment is one of the oldest business segments for the company which focusing on marketing the brand name of the Walt Disney Company and its associative products and brands. The business segment has the strategy of the segment is to maintain and manage the retail business of the company while using innovative technology to develop new channels to reach out to the customers of the company. The Media Networks business segment of the company is another extensive segment which focuses on marketing the Walt Disney brand while providing entertainment through satellite and cable network based channels. The strategy of this segment has been to provide high quality and relevant programming to the viewers while catering to their specific needs and requirements, all in order to increase the revenues generated by the company. This specific business segment has undergone significant diversification form children based entrainment and provides a wide range of programming channels and networks including Disney, ESPN, ABC, SOAPNet as well as WDIG

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