Sample Essay

The Walt Disney Company has its headquarters in California and is a highly diversified entertainment company which operates in four business segments. These segments pertain to the media & networks, the parks and resorts, studio based entertainment as well as consumer products. The following sections highlight the SWOT analysis, Corporate Strategy and Business Strategy based evaluation of the company.

On the whole the Walt Disney Company is in a very strong position in the industry as it has significant presence in the amusement parks, broadcasting and development of studio based projects. The company however is facing extensive competition from other large entertainment businesses like Warner Brothers, CBS and Fox that have a similar structure as well as significant presence in the market as well. However the reach of the Walt Disney in Europe and Asia enables the company to expand its operations and projects to the international market in a much more ready manner. This is supported by the string brand name and position of the company in the industry and its performance in the resort and park based segment as well as the success of its PIXAR based studio projects.

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