Sample Essay

Gestalt therapy has been used by therapists on terminally ill patients and their families to limit their psychological distortion and target the specific actions which aggravate their suffering.  “Gestalt therapy, a particular type of psychotherapy, draws on existential and various Eastern philosophies, and aims to enable the individual to seek his or her own solutions to personal problems. Literally translated as ‘whole’, Gestalt focuses the individual to appreciate and experience the present.”  (Jones, 1992) In another study, one conducted by Nelson and Groman on the neurotic verbalizations and the exploration of the Gestalt therapy assumption, a scoring system was developed.

This scoring system was make reliable, objective as well as focused towards specific verbal behaviors to target behaviors of the clients subject to avoidance. For the purpose of the experiment verbal samples were attained for a sample population of thirty college students of the female gender. These females were previously ranked in the order f the neuroticism scale as set by Maudsley.  Through the study “the expectation that psychologically stressful questions would result in a significantly greater number of avoidant verbalizations was confirmed. Contrary to another expectation, no significant correlation between neuroticism as measured by the MPI and total number of avoidant verbalizations uttered by the Ss was found. Results were interpreted on the basis of the Gestalt Therapy theory of personality.” (Nelson & Groman, 1975)

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