Sample Essay

There are many diseases in which art therapy has been used and this list especially includes the chronic diseases. Cancer has been one of the diseases that can cause disturbing symptoms that is inclusive of the chronic pains (Hunt, 2001, p. 45).

There has been a research published by the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management that the symptoms of pain and anxiety in the cancer patients have been seen to be relieved by the use of art therapy.  In this case it has been added by the researchers that the cancer patients are the ones who are increasingly adopting the art therapies as well as the alternative therapies for the treatments rather than the conventional therapies.  Through the research it has been seen that the art therapy as well as the alternative therapies prove to be the distraction that the cancer patients need as the patients start to focus their minds on the positive creative aspects of life rather than being worried about their health (Malchiodi, 2003, p. 44).

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