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Aside from this the University of Bradford has also invested in providing the international students with IT provision and support for their stay at the university.  The University has increased its number of PC stations and has become one of the universities inEnglandwith the highest PC to student ratio.

The Wireless access on the university premises and the campus as well as in the dormitories allow the students to connect to the international for their research and coursework. Aside form this the university also provides entertainment refreshment like cafes in public areas so that the international students are able to access the IT support as well as connect and mingle with the local students at the university.  The university additionally also provides a computer and laptop renting facility according to which those students who do not have a laptop can rent it form the school until they are able to arrange for their own systems.

The University of Bradford has also invested in strong learner support according to which the University provides its students including the international student body with assistance in their courses and studies as well as counselling on how to use the digital and electronic resources provided by the University.

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