Sample Essay

Across the campuses, there is a range of food outlets, shops, learning areas, social spaces and bars where students can meet up  to socialize or work on group projects. This provides the students with the opportunity to do group projects and brainstorm on their academic subjects as well as establish and build relationships with their fellow students. Learning centers, IT sweets and prayer room are also featured at all the campuses of the university.

The training and learning centers in the University provide traditional library services and comprehensive computing and multimedia facilities. These provide expert help to the students and provide advice for projects and coursework assignments.

The learning centers are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week during the semester days of the year. They house extensive collection of online information resources which can be located using the online catalogue search facility. Aside from this, there are also computer assisted learning packages. With screen program linked to seminars and lectures. . in total there are about 2300 study spaces which provide the IT and library based services.

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