Sample Essay

The Bradford University has undertaken numerous steps to make their campus and the university as well as its facilities much more attractive and beneficial for the international students. The different internationalization and marketing strategies for international students are depicted and discussed in the following sections.

IN order to provide support for the international students as well as equip their regional students with diverse language skills, the University of Bradford has undertaken the languages for all program through which any one enrolled in a program or taking a course with the Bradford university is able to take on a language course which can enhance the skills of the students or make them more proficient in English if they chose. The languages that are offered through this program pertain to English, French, German, Russian and Spanish which are provided at beginners as well as advanced levels. Aside from this the students are also able to choose from 20 other languages including Hindi and Urdu to enhance their language skills. In. The support provided by the University for this Program extends to self help and self teaching books n, software and materials which are provided to the students even of they are unable to attend the language classes sue to time or schedule restrictions.

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