Sample Essay

What is the war on drugs? What are its key aims are principles? The consumption of drugs is a bitter reality of our society. Both male and female youngsters are consuming addictive constituents in every part of the world and moving quickly towards death. Why do people take drugs when the damages are so clear and horrifying? Depression is one of the most common reasons. An individual may start combating depression by taking sedatives or mood elevators. These pills do not have a long lasting effect.  Hence, when the human mind comes back to the normal state, depression strikes it at a higher frequency. This is when an individual looks for something stronger.

Most drug consumers fall in the age between 25 and 40. They consume a variety of drugs including marijuana, hash and cocaine. Initially, all the troubles vanish away but this is a temporary picture. As the effect dies out, an addict increases the quantity. The end result is nothing but a painful death.

The purpose of this war is to cure these patients through rehabilitation. There are several treatment centers which provide complete cure for drug addicts. The time period of the treatment solely depends on the will power of the patient. Apart from that, he has to fight his weaknesses so that he does not get on the wrong path again. If you have strength to avoid drugs, it is quite possible to live like a normal member of the society.

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