Sample Essay

Fighting drugs in underdeveloped countries is much harder than developed countries as the residents are not very educated. They fail to understand the damages which they can suffer by taking drugs. Africa is the best example in this case. Several categories of drugs including marijuana are harvested and grown in Africa. Kids as young as nine or ten consume these drugs in raw form and this proves fatal in a lot of cases. In some cities, the growth of these drugs is legal so a preventive measure cannot be taken.

Even developed countries like the United States are facing troubles to stop drug consumption. In America, a lot of police officers have lost their lives while fighting drug dealers. The state has developed few mechanisms to stop drug distribution but they do not seem to work? What is the reason behind this failure? Drug dealers and distributors have multiple modes and very strong distribution networks. In underdeveloped countries, stopping them is almost impossible due weak legal principles because a good support system does not exist.

In some countries, educated youngsters are making a lot of effort to stop the flow of drugs. Some of them have built societies which plan the right kind of activities for the youngsters. In this way, they do not pay attention towards drugs or any other damaging activity.

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