Sample Essay

Danny has previously shown to the murder victim. In chapter 9 he is referred to as the walking street of sex by Corrine as he is one of the most famous male escorts in the town. Aside from this he is also very handsome and good looking which makes him impressionable to both the men and the women in the book. The personal experience of the Corrine with Danny is referred to as the walking street of sex, as he is shown to be insatiable and evidently good at his profession.

Lee Adler is a citizen and urban developer inSavannahwhere the books is based. He is a Jewish person who scorns the homosexuality of Jim Williams. He is against the cause of gay rights and homosexuality as it is not favorable and right according to him. However most of his character is based on the fact that he is Jewish and that is how the community also regards him.

In the chapter the News Flash the main mysteries n the book are revealed and the different identities that the people are hiding behind their public façade are revealed to a certain extent.

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