Sample Essay

In the book we are not able to completely identify the different reasons as to why people are so different and unique. This difference can be chalked up to an eccentricity or simply the different manner in which people in the region are. Their priorities and histories are very different form other people inAmerica. This makes them unique in a manner of speaking. The author deliberately kept most of the personalities mysterious in order to form a theme for the book.

Emma Kelly is depicted to be the lady of the six thousand songs. She is apparently responsible for writing and composing six thousand songs, a record set after her ancestor Johnny Mercer who was a lyricist and composer for about 100 songs as well. She is an exceptional piano player and singer who has traveled all overGeorgiawhile performing her music. She was allotted the nickname by Johnny Mercer himself. She is a sweet talking person who with her skills at music is also a con artist.

We see Chablis himself as a male however we see lady Chablis as a female as she depicts herself as a drag queen in the book. The reason as to why she does not under go a sex change operation is mostly due to her own eccentricity about the traditions and culture inSavannah. When compared to Mandy and Serena, her brand of feminity is very ostentatious and out right as she tends to be more vocal and funny that the other characters.

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