Sample Essay

Hansford Danny is the person who gets killed in the book by Jim Williams. He is a popular male escort in Savannah,Georgia. He was a popular person due to his good looks, his physique as well as his charms amongst both the men and the women. In real life however according to personal opinion would not have been impressionable at all.Joe Odom was a unique character in the book, in fact one of the most notable characters. He was depicted to be the love interest ofNancyHillsinNew York. He was a rather irritate able person who inNew Yorkwould have been considered somewhat of a joke. In savannah though, his eccentrics and tactics were looked over because he was simply a southerner.

Joe was basically an embodiment of the emery culture and the underlying traditions that are the heart ofSavannah. His open personality and happy go lucky demeanor was what wasSavannahstood for in the south. This was why the author used the character Odom to introduce us to the place ofSavannahwhich was the setting for the book.

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