Sample Essay

Maus has defied the norms of comics regarding the medium as well as the subject. Similarly, it has defied the definition too, when considered in the light of what genre is. When Maus was first published it became a bestseller but it was listed as a fiction. However, Spiegelman then asked that it should be categorized as a non-fiction instead even though later on at times he did call it a piece of fiction. Certainly, the book does encompass several genres at the same time and actually cannot be exactly classified.

Now let us talk about the plot of Maus. The book is made up of two main narratives. One of them goes through the experiences that Vladek had had to encounter, while the other one is mainly about Vladek’s relationship with his son, Art (the author). Vladek tells his story to his son through interviews and this story is then converted to a comic book by the author. It may be considered that Vladek’s narration is somewhat of a biography as it traces what he and his family went through in Poland before the war and in Auschwitz and then returning to his ultimate homeland. Due to such a story Maus had even been categorized as a biography in 1986 when it was considered for a nomination for a National Book Critics Circle Award.

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