Sample Essay

The market position strategy of the company has been to leverage the Zahra business and brand by establishing it as a high end fashion market retailer which is stylish, innovative as well as compelling while being accessible and affordable by the target market of the company. While being a retailer Zahra operated as a fashion house by reducing two lines of designs in a year for the spring summer, and the fall/winter line.

The company use trade shows, industry publications as well as trend analysis of the market to determine the changing taking place in the fashion industry as well as the changing orientation and needs of the customers. Through this the company was able to provide its customers with exactly what they wanted through its Zahra brand. Moreover the company established itself in the market by positioning the brand as a high end fashion brand. The company did this by setting up retail stores in sophisticated neighborhoods frequented by the business people, country club and elite segments of the society. The stores were formatted in such a manner that they combined the designs of a fashion house and a retailing business to suit the image of Zara. To be on the safe side, the company only kept rapidly changing line of products so that it cold keep its products diversified and original. The main expansion, global strategy of the company was to establish franchises of the Zara retailer business in the target market countries or launch joint ventures there.

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