Sample Essay

Marketing strategies for companies often include both short term and long term tactics that are employed by the organization (Borden 1984). The long term tactics are more strategic in nature and reflect the organizational goals and values of the company as highlighted by their organizational strategy. The Marketing strategy of any company is composed of the various goals and actionable objectives that have to be attained in order to satisfy the strategic objectives of the business.

As with the organizational strategy, the marketing strategy is developed before alongside the development of the organizational strategy. Moreover the marketing strategy derives its strategic orientation from the main organizational strategy of an entity. Companies that extensively use new online communication technology have a separate internet marketing strategy in addition to their marketing strategies.

The increased use of communication technology and internet has integrated the marketing aspect of the company with the concept of building relationships with customers and endorsers resulting in a form of marketing known as relationship marketing (Gronroos). This relationship marketing orientation is increasingly being reflected in the marketing strategies of the company as well as in their strategic organizational goals.

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