Sample Essay

The Baroque period saw the patronage in the European society to be spreading further than just the efforts put in by the rulers and the aristocratic families. There were also religious orders which were concerned with the patronage of art and churches. Such was the situation more so in the case of the Counter-Reformation which saw several orders and societies jostling together in order to gain some kind of influence and prestige.

The purpose of art then was the conveying of a message regarding the nature of those institutions, their theological construct and sometimes also the portraying the way they had contributed toward the war over the mind and soul of the Christians. Art played a role in enabling such societies in the expression of the pride that they used to feel in regard to what they had achieved, for the illumination of their personal Christian visualization, and for the glorification of a certain important saint or figure whom they considered very significant and their guide. Such was the importance that people gave to art during those times and how entrenched it was in their society, affecting every aspect of it and serving different purposes.

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