Sample Essay

The following paper depicts a strategic strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis for the case of the Little Red Hen. The SWOT analysis has been performed from the point of view of the Hen.In the case the strengths that were apparent pertaining to the hen were that the hen was a very receptive character. She was able to identify the business and profit potential of the small grain of wheat. With cunning and intelligence that she possessed, the hen was able to identify how she could better achieve a resulting product by further processing the grain of wheat at the different stages depicted in the case


The weakness of the Hen was that instead of simply taking up the opportunity of processing the grain of wheat and consuming it, she kept on asking the dog and the turkey as to whether they wanted to take over the opportunity or not. This consideration of others could have landed the hen in trouble leaving her without the grain of wheat to start with.

The opportunity in the case was the grain of wheat which presented further opportunities of a heartier and filling meal after further processing. The new opportunities for the hen arose at each stage of the case and all stages the hen was intelligent enough to play her strengths and process the grain further in order to make it more profitable and satisfying.


The threats in the case were the probabilities of the turkey and the dog taking over the processing of the grain and keeping the resultant product for themselves. However this did not happen due to the negligence and lack of intellect on part of the dog and the turkey.

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