Sample Essay

The strengths of the company pertain to First Choice having a broad portfolio of products which range from activity based, to leisure and mainstream holiday and travel services. Moreover the company also has a strong presence in the developed countries of Europe and North Americas. This provides it with the distinguished and affluent clientele for its leisure travel and holiday services. The company is also benefiting from the currently expanding online destination service segment as more and more hotel and air travel booking are being conducted through the internet.

The company has certain opportunities which can enable it to perform better an increase its market share. These pertain to the high demand of students from the North American regions who want to travel to Europe. The increasing market of students is increasing the demand for spring tours as well as educational tours. Moreover new opportunities are presented to the company in the activity holidays. The expanding Hawaiian tour market is also beneficial for the company as it increases the traffic both inbound and outbound form the US,Japan,AsiaandEurope.

 The threats facing the company relate to the outbreaks of contagious diseases like bird flu on a global scale which tends to restrict international travel. Moreover since the 9/11 terrorist attacks the air traffic has been considerably affected as people are wary of flying to destinations both regional as well as international. Additionally the rising ATF prices are also a concern as they tend to increase the operational expense of the company resulting in an increase in the price of the air tickets and travel packages.

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