Sample Essay

The First Choice Company is a UK based leisure travel company which provides travel related products and services to the customers. The predominant market of the company is in theUKandIreland. The products of the company are mostly composed of a package of services and as a service the product offering of the company is service oriented with the First Choice brand being a service brand. The products provided by the company belong to four categories, namely, mainstream holidays, specialist holidays, activity based holidays and online destination services.

The products of the company include destination and lifestyle holidays, activity holidays, adventure holidays, package holidays, short haul, medium haul, long haul flights. The services that are provided by the company pertain to online booking, travel services, hospitality services and travel insurance. “The company focuses on providing a unique leisure travel experience to customers. The company currently offers leisure travel services to over 200 countries. Captive resources, including air fleet of 32 aircrafts, ships, holiday villages and mountain resorts, provide control over service quality. The company also maintains a presence in other verticals (such as the hospitality segment) to provide associated services to customers.” (‘First Choice Holidays Plc’, 2006)

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