Sample Essay

The counter arguments are not explored in detail by the author in great detail, as he focuses on supporting his argument through facts, responses of the general public on the matter as well as exploring his theories. The author does not dismiss any other counter arguments as he provides a well rounded discussion on the topic.

The sources of outside information that are used by the author pertain to excerpts from the news paper New York Times, factual information about the financial success of high school dropouts as depicted by, and responses on teenage and young adult discussion forums. Aside from these he also makes use of occasional references to information published on websites to support his argument and exploration of the topic. All the sources that are considered by the author are current with the oldest being from 1998. As the author has included personal opinions as posted in magazines and websites, a degree of bias is possible for information present at such sources.

The author very explicitly discusses his argument while providing background, relatable facts and figures as well as references information for the reader. Aside from this the author also presents a scenario based discussion of how anti-intellectualism effects the smart children by his discussion of the Mountain View High School Case (Penord, 2003) which makes the issue relatable for the readers. After reading the article, and going over the supportive information depicted by the author, I as a reader am also convinced by the arguments that he presents for his claim.

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