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It has also been observed that the Gestalt therapy is mostly successful with clients who are overly socialized or depict traits of being restrained or constricted. More specifically anxious, phobic as well as obsessive compulsive and depressed patients are best treated through the Gestalt theory therapy. “Gestalt therapy has been successfully employed in the treatment of a wide range of “psychosomatic” disorders including migraine, ulcerative colitis and spastic neck and back.

Gestalt therapists have successfully worked with couples, with individuals having difficulties coping with authority figures and with a wide range of intra-psychic conflicts. Gestalt therapy has been effectively employed with psychotics and severe character disorders.” (Yontef, 1993) Literature is also available on research pertaining to the use of Gestalt group therapy on clients suffering from alcohol abuse problems. “The Gestalt approach with alcoholics is different from other, traditional approaches. Its emphasis on growth, awareness, and self-support is aided through some simple guides. Several guides are suggested which have been used with this population and specific examples from therapy are provided to show how they were used and what the effects may be.” (Boylin, 1975) Similarly post traumatic stress is also being targeted through the approach of Gestalt therapy. In this case the EMDR technique which is the desensitization of the eye movement and its reprocessing is used. Capps in his “article reports three case studies of couples in which EMDR is combined with Gestalt therapy in a single session to resolve relational trauma effects, increase empathy and awareness in the supportive partner and deepen intimacy within the couple” (Capps, 2006).

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