Sample Essay

The purpose of the dissertation is to determine research and analyse the marketing strategies that are used by the top retailers in the global retail industry and conclude how these can be modified to suit the Nigerian market and improve the marketing of the UTC Plc Nigeria Company. It has been determined that the lack of proper marketing programs and the implementation of lacking marketing tactics have resulted in an obscure brand of the UTC Plc in Nigeria.

The positioning of the company in the local market is also weak and not at par with its international operations. The study therefore seeks to improve the operations and the performance of the UTC Plc Nigeria Company, specifically the Kaduna State Branch. This is targeted by increasing brand awareness and positioning of the company in the Nigerian market. The objective of the research undertaken was to highlight successful branding & marketing initiatives taken by the global industry leaders. Recommendations are drawn from the study results that depict how the UTC Plc Nigeria can make use of use of marketing tactics adapted from the successful marketing strategies of the leading companies in the global retail industry.

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