Sample Essay

The marketing strategy of the UTC Plc is very similar to the marketing strategy of the company around the world. Instead of adopting a customized and differentiated marketing strategy, the company has stuck with its global marketing vision. The UTC Plc company has a mixed product offering based on apparel, food, grocery, toys, electric appliances as well as home decorations and renovation products. The company primarily makes use of a selective target market based marketing strategy. The company has positioning itself, in its own perceptions as a brand for the affluent while it strives to target the masses and increase its sales and revenue. This has resulted in a confused marketing strategy and market position for the brand in the Nigerian market. The pricing strategy and the marketing strategy of the company reflect that the company is targeting a very niche market of the affluent and well off consumers in the Nigerian market. The company has priced it products on a premium scale compared to other retail companies in the local market yet the management maintains that the company is for the masses and caters to the general consumer and retail product needs of the customers. This reveals that the management of the company is not aware of the position of the company in the market and its perception amongst the target market.

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