Sample Essay

The marketing strategy employed by the UTC Plc Nigeria specifically Kaduna branch operations is analyzed and a research is conducted for the possible implementation of the various marketing programs that can aid the company to better position and establish itself in the market. In the dissertation the concepts and justification behind brand building, establishing and building customer loyalty as well as the roll out of specific market position based marketing strategies are focused upon to resolve the identified problems faced by the UTC Plc Nigeria Company.

The dissertation studies the operations and the marketing strategy of the UTC Plc Nigeria Company through quantitative and qualitative analysis. The marketing strategies launched by the market leaders like Wal-Mart are studied and analysed in terms their target market, the segmentation conducted by the companies in their target market, the marketing mix managed by the company and the new initiatives taken by the companies themselves and the products in the market to determine the marketing initiatives that can be applied to the market in Nigeria and are suitable for implementation for the UTC Plc Nigeria Company  to utilize for their operations to establish successfully in the market.

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