Sample Essay

The interviews incorporated in the primary research for this dissertation were conducted through voice conferencing and via the phone. The interviews were conducted on the senior management of the UTC plc and the management of the marketing function who were responsible for management the marketing strategies and deploying new initiatives. These strategies and initiatives were aimed at raising the brand awareness and the positioning of the company though routine marketing programs. The phone based interviews were used as the UTC Plc management was not available for contact and interview on a face to face basis.

A simple convenience sampling methodology was employing where the relevant marketing management and the senior management at the company were interviewed and queried. This was a realistic approach as it was not suitable to conduct interviews of the management at UTC Plc on a larger scale. In order to support the interviews a larger scaled survey was conducted as mentioned earlier. The interview question design and set up was maintained at a simple level that was easy to understand and communicate on. The questions were of open ended and exploratory nature that focused on gathering information on the market share, raise in sales volume, performance in the market, return on sales (ROS), and the effect on share price of the UTC PlcNigeria.

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