The second approach is the use of democratic means to maintain classroom behavior. This principle was suggested by Rudolf, where the student’s behavior should be socialized Tauber (2007). This means that the student should be involved in the decision making process. The concept generated by this theory is that students generally want to belong and behave. Therefore Marsha should identify the faulty behavior in each child and then discuss the logic that led to this behavior with the child.

This simply implies the digging for the source of the immaturity she has seen in her class that causes them to have bad classroom behavior. This approach is meant to improve the student’s involvement in the classroom activities and decision making processes. It proposes that by encouraging the student to make contributions in the class the teacher will be able to motivate the student Tauber (2007). In addition the theory proposes that classroom behavior should be formulated by the combined effort of the teacher and the student.

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