Marsha’s order in a harsh tone to the students let them in shock and suspense as they awaited her return. It is recommended that as she returns to the classroom she should maintain the same assertive tactic. Since she has been using a friendly approach Marsha now needs to use an assertive behavior. As lee and Marlene canter proposed effective classroom management requires an assertive and not hostile or forceful teacher.

This means that the teacher is consistent and clear in their teaching, explanation and in their classroom expectations concerning behavior Tauber (2007). In Marsha’s case while she may have written down classroom rules, this theory goes further to recommend that the planning of these rules should involve the student. Upon entry into the classroom Marsha should have her students rewrite the rules governing behavior. In addition she should make sure that each rule is accompanied by the corresponding disciplinary action. Therefore right from the start the student should be made aware of the consequences of their actions. Moreover to make it a classroom concern she should use collective bargaining where each child is shares the responsibility of being each others keeper Tauber (2007). In addition she should continue positively rewarding those that obey and punishing those that do not according to the rules.

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