Sample Essay

The best practices that have been identified for effective complaint management systems pertain to the establishment of a formal and defined function for customer complaint management and a proactive role of the senior management (Johnston & Mehra, 2002).  For a successful set up and operation of these functions, the companies should have a complaint soliciting culture which encourages customers to lodge complaints and promotes responsibility in the staff to responds to the complaints which are being registered.

The management should hold the function accountable for the efficient logging and processing of customer complaints.  Moreover the complaint procedures should also be made simple for the staff as well as the customers to understand. Aside from the staff, it is also important to educate the customers about the importance of lodging in any complaints they might be facing so that the company is able to resolve the problems before any other complaints pertaining to the same issue arise.. The process should be made simple for the customer. “For the customer, a single point of contact should be sufficient to register the complaint and get the procedure for resolving the complaint underway. If possible, staff should be empowered to resolve the complaint. Customers do not want to hear, “I’ll have to ask my manager and get back to you.” No matter who responds to complaints, response should be rapid. During the resolution process, the complainant should be kept informed of progress toward resolving the complaint.” (Johnston & Mehra, 2002) A systematic follow up should be set up which can allow the management as well as the customers to check up on the progress of logged complaints.

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