Sample Essay

The employee involvement in decision making and the development of the objectives for the business objectives is encourages at the Lehman Brothers company. The management supports the employees to highlight any strategies that can be used to improve business processes as well as pinpoint any problem areas that can become aggravated in the future. For the different departments of the company the employee involvement programs are different. E.g. for the investment division, every morning the management and the employees get together in a group meeting which is organised on a regional  basis through conference meeting tools. The management as well as the junior employees discuss the agenda for the day, the trends in the market, and project the performance of the market for the day. Jobs for the day are determined through analysis of the trends in the market and the market conditions. Similarly other division of the company like the capital market management and portfolio management division all have different employee involvement programs which are conducted on the regional scale on a periodic basis.

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