Sample Essay

The strengths of the company include the quality of the Rolex product that is manufactured by the company which is uncompanionably the best available in the market. Aside from this the brand value and the persona of the Rolex Watches is also an asset for the company. The company has the leading position in the luxury watch industry which is another strength that works for the company. The social status and prestige that is associated with the Rolex brand is unbeatable which strengthens the brand value and demand for the Rolex Watches. The established research and development department of the Rolex SA is also a main asset for the company as it has pioneered many innovations in luxury watch making over the years of its operations.

            The weaknesses of the company that are currently present for the Rolex SA pertain to the low level of sales volume that the country has been observing. On a year to year basis, the sales volume level has been decreasing as the number of items being purchased by the market is reducing. This has reduced the profit margins for the company. While the profit margin per item sold are considerably high, the volume based profit margins are suffering due to the decreasing sales volume of the Rolex watches and accessories.

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