Sample Essay

The controls for marketing of Rolex as per the balanced score card approach that have been determined pertain to the measures that can be used to identify the satisfaction level of the customers and the profitability of the company per sale of the product. The control measures that have been determined pertain to profiling of customers along with the customer retention measure and the customer recruitment measure. This will help the company determine the types of customers that are being retained by the company and the type of customers who are being currently recruited by the company with new sales.

The trend of this data can then be determined as to how best target those customers who chose to leave the Rolex brand or switch to other brands by determining what appeals to them. The control measures also include indices that reflect the customer-company relationship, the product knowledge management, the conversion rate for customers who switch from other luxury watch brands to Rolex, the value of each additional customer for Rolex, and the index for customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. In addition to this a measure for customer profitability for the business is also useful for Rolex in terms of its marketing objectives.

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