Sample Essay

The Rolex SA is one of the premium watch makers that is still active in the market. THE Rolex Company is based watchmaker based in Switzerland. The company manufacturing the Rolex was launched in 1990s in the United Kingdome by the then founder Alfred Davis. The company was then known as Wilsdorf and Davis. However the increasing prices of gold and silver in the United Kingdom drove the company to shift its head quarters from the London,UK to Geneva in Switzerland. The company was then named the Rolex Watch Company which was again changed to Montres Rolex SA and more recently Rolex SA.

The heritage and the brand of the Rolex is a unique blend of old, modern design and classic cuts with the latest technology available. The class and the premium brand value of the Rolex watches is exceptional and unique making it both a premium luxury item and a status symbol for those who own a Rolex. The products of Rolex SA pertain to time pieces, accessories, pocket watches, clocks and wristwatches for men as well as women. The main brands of the Rolex SA include Explorer, Explorer II, Day-Date, the Yatch-Master, the Cosmograph Daytona, and the Submariner to name a few.

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