Sample Essay

The strengths of the article were mostly related to the timeliness of the publishing of the article and the place of publication as well.Germany was already depicting anti American sentiment as a result this propaganda based article on the topic of illegality and ethicality of the American military base setup roused questions in the mind of the people. Moreover the specific content of the article also did it justice by presenting the specific locations of the bases and the military troops being deployed by theUnited Statesand the long term consequences of this settlement. The article also put forward that theUnited Statesmilitary strategy was more focused towards enhancing the utility of the bases and not on the establishment of a peaceful society or the reforming of the local political climate. The article clearly stated that by employing such tactics the United States was at an disadvantage as it was displaying itself as a highly immoral and hypocrite state.

The drawbacks of the article mostly relate to the factors that the publishing of the article took place in the German region where there did already exist an anti American sentiment.

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