I belong to a country with the largest population in the world!Chinais not only populated but it’s huge and of course the most beautiful place in this whole wide world. I was born in Chang Chun and went to college inSanta Barbara. This was the most grueling change of my life!

My Story, in my own words

My family is settled inChinaand we are a very close knitted family. My father works for Nike as ‘floor manager’ and this is one reason why my siblings and I have never worn any other joggers other than Nike. I grew up having the best and the most delicious dishes ever since my mother was an excellent cook and my father loved food. Rich food, the latest cell phones, amazing laptops and Nike shoes describe my childhood best. I was fond of latest technology and my father fed my interest by buying me everything I asked for, therefore my interest in technology led me to apply for a business school inSanta Barbara. I have had a very good academic background, since I have secured A-grades in almost all my subjects throughout my tenure in school. Therefore, my father was proud of me when I got into a good business school abroad.

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