Sample Essay

Shortly before dawn, Richard Wollack’s condo in downtownSan Franciscocomes to life. Shades on the eastern side of the 2,600-square-foot unit automatically lower to filter the rays of the rising sun.¬†In the bathroom, a flat-panel TV automatically tunes to Wollack’s favorite news show, piping the sound to a shower speaker. After dressing for the gym, Wollack presses a button, and his Panasonic DVD recorder spits out a disk containing TV programs downloaded overnight from his TiVo personal video recorder.

At dusk, the blinds rise in the west to display the sunset. Wollack and his wife, Sue, become urban maestros, using a master remote to orchestrate programming on a slew of large-screen plasma TVs and music systems. They can select any device by means of icons on the remote, which can also control the heating, air conditioning, and lighting. On this particular night, Wollack chooses tunes from Old Blue Eyes — No. 126 on his 600-CD player. Sinatra’s voice then follows him from room to room with a click of the remote. “The wonderful thing about this stuff is it gives you access to all your entertainment — whatever you want to watch or listen to,” says Wollack, co-CEO of Premier Pacific Vineyards.

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