Sample Essay

The kind of Chinese cuisine as mentioned above is very different from the one which is consumed in the region of China as Chinese cuisine in the western countries is heavily influenced by their cultures and the developed taste preferences of the people. However the media as well as the easy availability of genuine Chinese cuisine is routing more and more people from the western regions of the world to China for experience the unique culinary experience.Moreover it also has to be noted that the cuisine derived from the different regions of china has different attributes and tastes which have been carried forward into the west based Chinese cuisine. The southern region of China has provided the world with the spicy Chinese cuisine with exotic fruits and vegetables. While the centrally region of China has contributed the rich and wholesome Chinese foods. “The concentration of Muslims in the north, Simonds writes, gave rise to a porkless cuisine that relies heavily on lamb and beef; the nomads whose herds graze on the flat, arid land of Mongolia popularized the firepot and the barbecue, while the imperial family, in Beijing, was fed ornate and idiosyncratic dishes.” (O’Neill, 1996)

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