Sample Essay

The idea of isolation is brought up in both situations. The “metaphorical island” of the situations seemed to cut-off those involved from society. Discuss the theme of isolation and how it leads to altered behavior and in extreme cases an abandonment of conventional morality.

A human is dependent on the interactions with others in order to be psychologically and mentally healthy, and any deprivation of such human interaction can lead to negative effects on the psychology and the mentality of the individual. The degradation of the morals of an individual in isolation has been extensively researched by Zimbardo and the resultant phenomenon has been titled the Lucifer effect. The paper as a result puts forward the argument that degraded morals and loss of morality is to be expected when the humans are isolated from the world and other forms of social interactions. The argument thesis that forms the basis of the paper is that isolation can affect the behavior for humans in a negative manner by degrading morality in them and decreasing the ability to make ethical cognitive decisions. The underlying concept which is analyzed pertains to the role that the factor of isolation plays in altering the human behavior towards a more negative and evil side.

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