Sample Essay

Torture is basically any act of suffering, and inflicting of pain which can take the form of both physical and mental in its nature. This pain is normally inflicted intentionally on a person usually to persuade and make the person perform according to the requirements of the torturer.The concept and ethicality in terms of justifying torture is of crucial importance, especially nowadays in the light of the recent events regarding the terrorist attacks in theUnited Statesand in theUnited Kingdom. The prisoners of war as well as the suspected terrorists are definitely tortures to extract useful sensitive information from them however it has to be concluded whether these acts of torture are justifiable or not.


Many people are of the opinion that in highly dangerous cases it is okay to resort to torture or prisoners or war and suspected terrorist as it means that the state will be torturing one person to save the lives of hundreds and thousands of people. They believe that if the suspect does not provide the required information through normal interrogation then torturing them to get access to the information is considered justifiable. Most of the examples quoted by those who support torture pertain to an incident of a time bomb which is clicking away. Under these circumstances they believe that it is justifiable to torture suspected for wheedling out information concerning future plan of attacks as well as any associations etc.

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