Sample Essay

While Gestalt therapy is one of the group psychoanalytical therapy, it tends to offer a unique proposition of results which is significantly different from those offered by the tradition techniques for group psychotherapy. A study was conducted by Shuger and Bebout which analyzed the differences which were present between the samples for the Gestalt technique and the traditional psychoanalytical technique. The differences were examined in terms of the background, attitude and the values of the samples as well as the experience they had.

A total of 32 clients were incorporated into each phase segmented by the nature of the technique. “First, there were no significant differences on any dependent measure between beginning and advanced clients of either school. Second, gestalt and psychoanalytic clients differed significantly from each other on all but 2 of our 14 dependent measures when time-samples were combined. Gestalt and psychoanalytic clients were different in experiential focusing style, impulse-affect expression, and in symptoms, but these differences existed from the very beginning of therapy.” (Shuger & Bebout, 1980) The results depicted that clients tend to prefer the therapy process which is best suited to their personality and their style of living. As a result the interaction in their choice of therapy is mutually reinforced. The results therefore provided that specific types of techniques could be used to target problems of psychosis in different types of people based on their personalities and lifestyles.

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