Sample Essay

Sheraton’s decentralized organizational structure is in keeping with its strategy of allowing SBUs to survive themselves within given standards necessary to unify а group of 480 hotels. The only aspect of concern is the planning ability of unit management in franchised properties located across the globe, often in countries with little modern management expertise (Al Deen pp.38-158 0. Can their analysis and interpretation of the future be taken as а valid input?  Sheraton’s meteoric rise is possibly proof of the strategic planning they carry out, making swift and calculated moves to not only increase physically their profit bases but also to tap new customer markets that become available with new property locations (Martin pp.14-44).

Analyzing and discussing the results

With regard to the overall functional organisation of the interviewed companies, marketing is, in most cases, organised as а sector which is а part of centralised overhead departments of the whole company (Ahmed pp.9-79). The centralised marketing sector covers marketing and sales activities of all hotels within the company, since marketing or sales department does not exist on the level of individual properties. Such an organisation of marketing and sales is possible due to the high share of allotment arrangements in the total business of Sheraton hotel inAbu Dhabi(McDougall pp.392-410). Although it is usually called “Sales and Marketing Sector”, this department in half of the interviewed companies actually consists just of sales and reservation functions. The marketing department, which covers all the marketing functions, does not exist in Sheraton hotel.

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