Sample Essay

Based on the assessment of the market opportunities several sales promotions strategies come to the fore front. Firstly, that as the Olympics are an occasion and there will be reason to celebrate for people who have gotten victory, the winners can be given Icy Delight as a treat to celebrate the victory with. This will serve to associate the brand with celebrations and happy moments. Of course token gifts should be given to the loosing side, in order that the company not seem to be materialistic, backing only those who have won the game or the tournament.

Secondly Icy Delight can be sold at a discounted price inside the stadium so that people consume while watching the games, as people have a tendency to munch on something while the tournaments are being played. Lastly, sales promotions will be used where consumers will be asked to drop their cards in a bowl for a lucky draw, and those who drop their email addresses will be mailed discount coupons in order to encourage these people to spread a positive word of mouth and be willing to share their information with the company. (Siff, 2005)

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