Sample Essay

Message and Media

The message that needs to be conveyed through the communication mix to the consumers is to inform them about the availability of the Original Arizona Iced Tea brand inIndiawhile encouraging them to purchase and consumer the product. Additionally awareness about the benefits of the iced teas and the ingredients in the Original Arizona Iced Tea need to be conveyed to the consumers to increase their appeal for the product. For this the company can target the customers through in store activities, point of sale advertisements, and marketing through the internet as well as brand activation strategies implemented on the ground. Using these strategies the company can avoid including in the traditional mass advertising strategies which it seeks to avoid as per its philosophy.

Sales Promotion

The sales promotion strategies that can be used by the company for its Indian market can be to launch point of sale advertisings in the retail stores and super markets. Aside from this Iced Tea kiosks can also be set up in the departmental stores where the company can provide samples of the products to the customers, sell the products to them as well as educate them about the ingredients in the teas and the benefits that can be achieved by the consumers through the consumption of the iced teas.

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