Similarly, politics of multinational corporate interests have infiltrated governance forcing the states to safeguard the survival of their multinational companies by extending their mineral resource base. This explains the reluctance of America and her capitalist allies of Western Europe to withdraw their troops in the Persian Gulf and the Middle East in general as well as Congo Basin and Darfur in Africa seeing as these regions are endowed with vast natural resources – over half of the world’s resources (Logan 34).

The developing capitalistic states disguise their resource security agenda under the umbrella of spreading democracy or fighting terrorism in such a way that the larger population and global press will tend to be sympathetic to their cause oblivious of their real agenda. This in turn creates an atmosphere where the competing interests clash as the mineral-rich regions strive to retain their resources and preserve their sovereignty from undue external interference. This, in its own light, serves as a catalyst for resource based global war.

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