Sample Essay

The Bama Group of Companies is a team based business which employees an open door policy, for two way communication. In order to empower the employees the company encourages employees to come up with ideas to improve business and profitability. Aside from this it also provides access to fitness center, competitive compensation, and a tuition incentive program is provided to encourage employees to increase their skills and knowledge and develop their careers.

For training the company has a specific institute for training in which 8 different types training programs are employed. Moreover the training is extensive to develop the employees. The company also provides on the job training as well as an initial orientation program for new recruits, while leadership, motivation and coaching strategies employed for employee motivation.

The highlighted strategies pertaining the engagement of employees with the work and the business, the development of employees for the benefit of the individual as well as the company and the transactional support through compensation/ benefit based strategies are the main human resource retaining techniques which are employees by the above three mentioned companies.

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